Professional Pruning

Not sure exactly when and how to prune properly? Let our professional team help.
Are your bushes, trees or shrubs overgrown and beginning to look like a jungle?  Are your walkways and driveway no longer passable due to overhanging limbs and brush?  Are your smaller plants, flowers, or grass obstructed or dying out?  Proper pruning enhances the beauty of almost any landscape tree and shrub. 
On the other hand improper pruning can ruin or greatly reduce the visual impact of your landscape.  Allow our professional lawn team to assess and prune your property to both enhance your landscaping and allow your plants to develop to their fullest potential.
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Want your yard to be a showplace? Jungle Jim's Lawn Service can help.
Whether you are looking to have just 1 new shrub installed or an empty space that needs to be entirely landscaped you can count on Jungle Jim’s Lawn Service to help design and complete your landscaping project.  We’re always happy to come out to your site and discuss a landscaping plan to meet your vision and your budget.  You can be assured our professional team will complete the work with care and pride to make sure the new landscaping will be everything you imagined.