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Proper use of mulch can greatly enhance the beauty of your yard. Let our team of professionals show you how.
When considering mulch, it is important that your choice compliments not only your plants, but your home and natural landscape as well. You also need to consider the potential damaging effects some mulches can have on the investment you’ve made in your landscaping. 
We can help you select the right mulch for your specific situation. Jungle Jim’s Lawn Service offers many types of mulch including hardwood, cedar and cypress. We also offer a variety of decorative rock.  One of our experts would be glad to help you choose the proper material to accent your property and fit your desired application.
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Ever consider sod? Jungle Jim's Lawn Service can help.
Sod is a great solution if you want to enjoy the look of a new lawn in a shorter period of time. Since sod is already mature and healthy grass it can be laid down during a wider variety of months during the year. Prior to installation Jungle Jim’s Lawn Service will first rake and level your lawn, and then remove all weeds. Our sod is always installed the day it is harvested from the sod farms to insure that the grass is fresh and healthy. Once the sod is installed we will carefully go over the steps to take care of your new lawn.