holiday lighting

Holiday Lighting

Want the holiday lighting on your home to be absolutely spectacular? Let our professional team help.
No more wasted time spending hours untangling those strings of lights or just trying to find that one bad bulb. No need to find room in the attic or basement to store those big bulky cardboard boxes full of ornaments and decorations. Jungle Jim’s Lawn Service has partnered with Brite Ideas holiday lighting to provide you with a variety of beautiful and creative lighting displays to decorate your home or business.
Our professional design consultant will meet with you to help best determine what will best suit your needs, whether it’s residential, commercial or a special event. Jungle Jim’s professional decorators will install, take down, and store your lights and decorations. We’re fully insured so you can let our professionals be the ones who climb those ladders and do their magic to make your home or business bright and festive during the holiday season. We’ll also be readily available to make any repairs that may be needed throughout the season.  After the holidays are over we will be there to take down the lights and bring them back to our facility for storage
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Don't like shoveling now? Who does? Jungle Jim's Lawn Service can help.
Jungle Jim’s Lawn Service realizes that just because there is snow or ice on the streets your business must keep going. Our snow and ice removal team will be ready respond to clear your parking lots, and sidewalks after 2” or more of accumulation.  We can even pre-salt your lots and walkways when a winter storm is on the horizon to make sure you have an early jump on the ice and snow removal.  If you would prefer to only be serviced on an as-needed basis, just give us a call and we’ll be ready to respond. Our snow team is prepared to mobilize 24/7 to keep your property clear and safe during inclement weather.