gutter cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

Gutters full of leaves? Dreading getting up on that ladder again? Let our professional team help.
Even though gutter cleaning is a chore that is typically despised by property owners it is critical to maintain. When gutters become clogged with debris, several negative situations can occur. If your gutters become too heavy they can break the fasteners holding them to your roof line, causing them to have to be replaced. 
When the water is improperly diverted and drained it can result in water saturating the soil around the foundation of your home. Over time this can cause erosion of your landscaping beds, water to leak into your basement or crawlspace, causing mold and mildew damage to your property. In extreme cases soil saturation can cause a sink hole under your foundation eventually causing your foundation to collapse. Let the Jungle Jim's Lawn Service professional team climb those tall ladders to clean and maintain your gutters so you can avoid contending with any unwanted property damage.
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Sick and tired of raking leaves? Jungle Jim's Lawn Service can help.
The benefits of leaf removal are not only cosmetic but it also helps keep your lawn healthy. If you don’t remove your leaves your lawn can become saturated with moisture during the winter months. Excess moisture can cause rot or fungus growth, which can completely destroy your lawn. Our professional team can remove all the leaves from your lawn, landscaping beds, patios and driveways, saving hours of your valuable time and leaving a clean safe and healthy property for you to enjoy.  Oh, and there’s one other benefit: avoiding a very sore back.